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We're coming to swamp you all
Minority Voices
Brisbane QLD, Australia
In her childhood, cultural and environment factors left Yen-Rong feeling ambivalent towards writing. Now a young Asian Australian writer, she challenges the industry's lack of representation by pushing for more diversity in publishing.
Ravi's Hell: Part 2
Part two of our miniseries. Ravi was detained in Nauru and Victoria for over 3 years. Upon his release in 2016, Ravi launched his poetry anthology 'From Hell to Hell' and continues to speak out on behalf of those who remain incarcerated in Australia’s onshore and offshore mandatory detention centres.
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Migration & Displacement
Maturity: In acceptance and self-love
Kuhen Nagappan explores how his passion for traditional Bharatanatyam dance has helped him find moments of freedom, and make sense of his experience as both a racial and sexual minority.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Identity , Minority Voices
Zero waste living in Sydney
Madolyn Garnham from Clovelly made a New Year's resolution last year to eliminate plastic use, and to keep things simple and sustainable. From homemade toothpaste to a practical compost system, she shares her tips on how to lead a zero waste life.
Clovelly NSW 2031, Australia
Our Environment
Q&A with Proudly Pokies Free
Pokies machines are highly addictive, and the New South Wales government is addicted to the massive revenues they bring in each year. But when the machines themselves can suck anyone in, somebody is bound to lose. Keegan speaks to Tom Lawrence, co-founder of Proudly Pokies Free, about the perils of the pokies.
Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Health Care , Power & Policy
Making an invisible issue visible with OneWave's Fluro Fridays
Following a simple recipe of saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro, OneWave tackles mental health issues head-on.
Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Australia
Health Care
The Political is Personal
As a "professional gay" surrounded by heteronormativity, Sen believes inviting others to "come in" and share in intimate experiences is just as much of a political act as attending rallies or lobbying ministers.
Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia
Why I Care: Mental health recovery and redemption
Human suffering, an environment of negativity and the problematisation of mental illness have led many to believe that creating meaningful change is beyond them. Natalie explores her lived experience of an eating disorder and her life-long journey towards redemption.
Killara NSW 2071, Australia
Health Care
A Fast Track to Failure
In an interview with the Executive Director of the Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS), Tanya Jackson-Vaughan, Divya exposes the Australian Government's First Track application scheme and its dire impact on the lives of some of Australia's newest arrivals.
Refugee Advice & Casework Service, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia
Coranderrk: A 140-year-old story still breaking boundaries
In 1881 a First Nations community challenged the Aboriginal Protection Board in an attempt to continue their self-sustaining farming on the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve. Adapted from transcripts of the Victorian government's inquiry into the matter, Corandeerk is a landmark play exploring themes of belonging, self-determination and identity.
Riverside Theatres, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
First Nations
A Woman Reimagining the Limits of Science: Nathalie Farah
We all know that STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) fields remain dominated by men, particularly in the higher levels of academia. Nathalie Farah, a Bachelor of Advanced Sciences student at the University of Queensland, talks all things chemistry in plain English.
The University of Queensland, St Lucia QLD 4072, Australia
What does NAIDOC mean to you?
Keegan interviewed five Indigenous Australians on what NAIDOC means to them in the Darug heartland of Baramada, now known as Parramatta.
Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
First Nations
HEAR OUR VOICE: Creatives demanding visibility
Alexandra Mantoura's HEAR OUR VOICE is a photographic campaign demanding representation for creatives in Sydney.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Minority Voices
Female garment workers have their voices heard in new documentary
A new documentary film by Bangladeshi born film producer and researcher, Chaumtoli Huq, aims to highlight the ongoing struggle of garment factory workers to organise and unionise across Bangladesh.
Palace Cinema, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia
Minority Voices
Power Shift 2017: Australian youth for climate justice
Power Shift is a three-day youth climate summit focused on inspiring young people from all walks of life to take action against climate change.
Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia
Hands Up or Hands Out?
Are there actually benefits of Westerners volunteering in developing countries, or are they just damaging to the local community?
All Topics
11 Candles in Jail
Divya questions the viability of a youth justice system that criminalises children from a disturbingly young age, and seems to have lost sight of its purpose.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Power & Policy
Liv Steigrad has graduated from voyeur of social boundaries to outright agent provocateur in romance and proxemics. In this poem, she explores her sexual fluidity and demands space at the queer table.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Practically Vegan
Does a label define us, or does it confine us? Mallory reveals why she no longer considers herself a vegan, and has instead becoming the curator of her own (animal product-free) consumption.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Our Environment , Identity
Over The Wall: The Power of Fictional Activism
At a time when George Orwell's 1984 is more popular than ever, writer Mat Blackwell explores how writing fiction can become an effective form of activism in itself.
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Lives In Limbo: The Impact Of The 457 Visa Changes
“Why did I want to be here for two years, to pay taxes, to work, to put all my effort here? We’re bringing kids, we’re living our life, and then we need to leave. To go where? And start what?” Joanna investigates the human impact of the recent changes to the 457 visa.
Bondi NSW 2026, Australia
Migration & Displacement
Putting On My Best Face
Yen-Rong delves into her lived experience of anxiety and depression, touching upon how the continued stigma towards medicating mental illness and the whitewashing of mental health have affected her.
Brisbane QLD, Australia
Health Care , Minority Voices
The brand everyone's wearing
Divya on why we need to ask more from our feminism.
A Gender Equality Challenge to the Australian Jazz Scene
"The root of the problem is that jazz has a long, proud history… and that history is sexist." Mallory is a female jazz trombonist out to break up the boys' club.
Adelaide SA, Australia
Iconoclasts , Minority Voices
Ravi's Hell: Part 3
Ravi launched his poetry anthology 'From Hell to Hell' and continues to speak out on behalf of those who remain in detention.
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Migration & Displacement

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