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What inter-Korean peace means to Korean-Australians and South Koreans
Minority Voices
Sydney NSW, Australia
After decades of being technically at war, how could the 2018 summit herald a new beginning for North and South Korea?
'Me too.'
Tarana Burke and two words sparked a global movement, but how close are we really to eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace?
Sydney NSW, Australia
Minority Voices
 Michael Mohammed Ahmad talks Sweatshop, fiction, and “Leb” identity.
Michael Mohammed Ahmad's Western Sydney literacy movement Sweatshop is reclaiming ownership of a narrative taken over by mainstream writers.
Lakemba NSW 2195, Australia
Identity , Minority Voices
Rafeif Ismail captures the cross-cultural experience through fiction
This Greens Senate candidate and accomplished writer unpacks the complexities of her identity as an Australian of Sudanese descent.
Perth WA, Australia
Identity , Power & Policy
The Sydney Story Factory teaches marginalised youth the art of storytelling
The Sydney Story factory empowers marginalised young people to tell their own stories.
The Sydney Story Factory, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia
Minority Voices
The V-word
As a self-identified vegan skeptical of moral absolutism, Gia examines the perks of the reducetarian movement.
Cronulla NSW 2230, Australia
She Speaks: Female spoken-word poets in the spotlight
Girls on Key provides an opportunity to showcase your poetry and artistic work in a safe space, raising funds for Writing Through Fences.
199 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia
All Topics
Salmon wrapped in...wool?
Woolcool uses waste wool to create 100% renewable packaging that outperforms polystyrene.
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Our Environment
Living positively with HIV
Ankali Project pairs volunteers with people living with HIV to improve their social and emotional wellbeing in the face of ongoing stigma.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Health Care , Minority Voices
Using faith to find stillness and belonging in the Lebanese diaspora: A feature on Shireen Taweel
Shireen Taweel is a Lebanese-Australian artist inspired by cross-cultural interactions and her identity as a Muslim woman.
Parramatta Artists Studios, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Head of the NSW Crime Unit Deb Wallace talks being a female detective
Deb Wallace talks about being the first female Superintendent of Gang Crime, taking on Alan Jones and her loyalty to the Parramatta Eels.
Parramatta Police Station, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Food for (sustainable) thought
How can we change our everyday consumption habits to minimise food waste?
Wollongong NSW, Australia
Our Environment
Fred Hollows helps Rohingya refugees with cataract surgery
Of the near-700,000 Rohingya refugees, almost 50,000 are in need of cataract surgery.
Fred Hollows Foundation, Dunning Avenue, Rosebery NSW, Australia
Health Care
No short-term solution for domestic violence
Education needs to be at the forefront of a long-term solution to Australia's domestic violence epidemic.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Health Care , Power & Policy
The life and trials of a travelling poet
Rochelle D’Silva is a free-spirited travelling poet who explores her feelings of displacement through the written word.
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Addressing social isolation with community yoga
Lovesweats addresses social isolation through free yoga classes for vulnerable populations.
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Health Care
Power To The People:  Renewable energy and the councils doing it for themselves
The Cities Power Partnership (CPP) helps local councils set and reach their own targets for transitioning to renewable power.
Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia
Our Environment , Power & Policy
Read the Vibe: the fight to keep Newtown weird, safe and unapologetically queer
Meet the local organisations trying to keep the Newtown vibe alive.
Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
All Topics
Brewing eco-friendly mushrooms from leftover coffee beans
Life Cykel grows gourmet, eco-friendly mushrooms from waste coffee grounds.
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Our Environment
Lest We Forget the women who served
The Women’s Veterans Network (WVN) works to support all current and former servicewomen during and after their time in the defence forces.
Idalia QLD 4811, Australia
Court for Cannabis: The fight for a chronic cure
For Steve Taylor, growing medical cannabis for his chronically ill daughter Morgan has resulted in a court battle.
Blue Mountains NSW, Australia
Health Care
Lentil As Anything
Lentil As Anything provides vegetarian fare to the community under a pay as you feel pricing model.
Lentil As Anything, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
All Topics
Waters skills are a universal life saver
Water Skills For Life empowers migrants and refugees of all ages by teaching them how to swim.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Migration & Displacement
Why the Criminal Justice System is Failing Incarcerated Women
With more women entering prison than ever before, reforming the criminal justice system needs to become a priority.
Women's Justice Network, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Power & Policy
Minerva uses data science to increase social impact
Minerva brings together volunteer data scientists and Australian not for profit organisations to work on problems using the power of data.
Sydney NSW, Australia
Technology for Purpose

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