Power Shift 2017: Australian youth for climate justice
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Power Shift 2017: Australian youth for climate justice

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Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia
21st Jul 2017
Power Shift 2017: Australian youth for climate justice
Power Shift is a three-day youth climate summit focused on inspiring young people from all walks of life to take action against climate change.

What is Power Shift?

Speaking as one collective voice in opposition to the Adani coal mine project, Power Shift is a three day youth climate summit focused on inspiring young people from all walks of life to take action against climate change. Hosted by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, the Melbourne summit will provide the necessary skills, tools, and local networking opportunities to inspire and assist younger generations to fight for climate justice.

Power Shift will also educate attendees on renewable technologies and the ways in which other young people have spearheaded social and environmental movements. In a statement on their website Power Shift declares, “This generation will not wait - if our politicians won’t lead, then we’ll give them no choice but to follow. Stopping Adani’s dangerous coal mine is the fight of our times. If it’s built, it would destroy our shot at a safe climate future, so it’s up to us to stop it. Together we’ll create a plan to stop this project, and make sure no coal company tries to destroy communities again. Now, more than ever before, we’ve got to work together across our differences - all young people standing together. You’ll meet people from your community who want to change the world, and take action with young people across the country who will win campaigns together.”

Adani Coal Mine Project

The focus of Power Shift 2017 is the proposed Carmichael coal mine which Adani Mining plan to build in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. The thermal coal mine will be the largest in Australia and one of the largest coal mines in the world and if it were to go ahead poses an existential risk to the Great Barrier Reef. Crafting a plan against Adani and the Carmichael coal mine will be a “top priority” throughout the three day summit.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network

Power Shift 2017 is the partnership between the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network. As Australia’s largest youth-led organisation AYCC has over 120,000 members who work tirelessly to steer Australia away from fossil fuels and towards 100% renewable energy. AYCC are also Power Shift veterans having hosted their first event in 2009 in Sydney, followed by Canberra, Adelaide and Geelong in 2010, Brisbane in 2011, and most recently Melbourne in 2013. Meanwhile, Seed holds the distinction of being Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. Seed holds the belief that “to win this fight we have to take leadership from those with most at stake.”

Together, these organisations seek to empower young people to stand up for a sustainable future and to support the renewable solutions supported by climate science.

Speakers and Program

Acting as master of ceremonies will be Steven Oliver from ABC’s hit sketch show Black Comedy. Currently, Oliver works as the Creative Director at the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association.

Among the guest speakers will be Denè Indigenous rights advocate Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, climate activist Koreti Timalu from 350.org, Kara Keys from the Australian Council of Trade Unions, director of That Sugar Film Damon Gameau, author of Decolonizing Solidarity Clare Land and Australian Geographic Young Conservationist of the Year Joshua Gilbert. In total there will be 28 speakers each of which are keen to share their passion and expertise.

Event Details

Power Shift 2017 will take place from the 22 – 24 of July across two venues in Melbourne. On Saturday and Sunday the summit will be at Latrobe University, Bundoora and on Monday Power Shift will be held at Melbourne Town Hall.

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Power Shift is also offering a number of scholarships to ensure that no matter a person’s financial situation anyone who wants to attend can attend. From discounted to free tickets and travel assistance to all inclusive fully-funded scholarships there are plenty of opportunities for anyone who’s interested.

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