Two food-related social enterprises supporting refugees and LGBTQI+ rights
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Two food-related social enterprises supporting refugees and LGBTQI+ rights

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Brisbane QLD, Australia
22nd Oct 2017
Two food-related social enterprises supporting refugees and LGBTQI+ rights
Keen to support refugees and LGBTQI+ rights while indulging in a foodie's night out? Look no further than Brisbane's Mu'ooz and Rainbow Beer.

Food and drink are the lifeblood of any city, and Brisbane is no different. But among the cafes, clubs, and bars that you might usually frequent, there are two food related grassroots initiatives that will both satisfy your tastebuds and warm your heart. Check them out if you are in the neighbourhood, or just in the mood for something new – you might just find yourself adding a new joint to your list of faves.

Rainbow Beer

The team behind Rainbow are intent on sharing their love of love, and the message that love is love, no matter who you are. And it is in this spirit that they have combined this love with their love of beer. Rainbow beer has called West End home for the past six years, but in the last couple of months, they have stepped up their campaign to combine beer with louder and more widespread conversation regarding LGBTQI+ rights. They have been brewing for the past six years, but wanted to expand their reach.

In that vein, they launched a Pozible campaign to raise $100,000, with 50% of the profits going to associations and organisations supported by Australian Marriage Equality if they were successful in reaching their goal. This would allow for the nationwide distribution of their beer in homes and pubs alike, as well as the knowledge that you would be helping the campaign for marriage equality in Australia (which, by the way, everyone agrees is long overdue).

This campaign ended in early May, and sadly, did not reach its $100,000 target. However, it is inevitable that they will try again to get this worthwhile idea (and beer) off the ground. In the meantime, if you have a hankering for a taste of Rainbow Beer, head on down to The End Bar for a pint (or two). We’ll also keep our eyes peeled for whatever these amazing people decide to do next.

Follow Rainbow Beer on Facebook here.


Mu’ooz means “tasty and healthy” in Tigrinya, a language spoken by Eritreans and people from some parts of Ethiopia. It is also a not for profit restaurant located in West End, Brisbane, run by the Eritrean Australian Women’s and Family Support Network Inc Association (EAWFSN). It is a place for African refugee women to work, gain additional training, and to develop their English skills.

Mu’ooz conducts cooking classes for students and adults alike, so more people can learn about and enjoy African food. They also help the general Australian community, having raised $13,000 for the Victorian bushfire appeal, the Queensland floods, the East African drought, and charities combatting breast cancer.

You can help Mu’ooz by eating at their restaurant, if you are ever in the Brisbane area. For those of you who don’t like going out, they deliver through UberEats as well! If you don’t live locally, you can contribute by shopping through Shopnate, an application that will donate a commission whenever you make a purchase through particular retailers. Click here to get started or alternatively, you can make a one-off donation here.

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