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Mindful Horse Mindful Leader

Calmness, Connection, Compassion..one breath at a time. Gain insight, presence and balance with a coach and team of equine guides.

Sawubona! We see you!

At Mindful Horse, Mindful Leader the focus is on truly seeing people and horses – the authentic self and all its potential. Through mindful, guided exploration our mantra is Calmness, Compassion, Connection – one breath at a time.

Sawubona is a Zulu greeting which means “I/we see you”, to which the response is Ngikona/Sikhona, meaning “I am/we are seen because you see me/us”. I love the profound potential this holds and it informs the underpinning ethos of my practice.

Being fortunate to have spent many formative years in Africa my coaching is enriched by the deep connection I feel with the natural world, richly explored in my shamanic practice and brought to embodied awareness through intuitive connection and mindfulness.

Why horses? So often this question is asked! Personally I have been drawn to horses since I could crawl towards them! Horses touch something deeply in our souls and psyche I believe: they have inspired humans and partnered with us for centuries, fostering our development as no other animal has. They speak to us of grace, power, freedom, myth and majesty. They are also masters of reading energy and intention – and it is this that enables such wonderful insights, breakthroughs and “aha!” moments in equine experiential learning.

This work requires absolutely no knowledge, nor experience with horses, just an open mind, a curiosity and desire to explore – beginner’s mind in other words, as does a mindfulness practice. Working with horses in this way helps us access the greater than 90% of communication that is non-verbal and to become more aware of, and tap into, our body’s multiple intelligence systems: the heart, the gut, the brain - as well as tuning into the wider energy field that connects us all.

To foster compassion, to tread more lightly and mindfully on the earth and to do so with joy and gratitude – to truly feel and live life – now, in this moment, that is my aim and what I hope to inspire in others, guided by horses.  

Sawubona! Come- and be seen!

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