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Putting On My Best Face
Brisbane QLD, Australia
13 July 2017
Yen-Rong delves into her lived experience of anxiety and depression, touching upon how the continued stigma towards medicating mental illness and the whitewashing of mental health have affected her.
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The brand everyone's wearing
10 July 2017
Divya on why we need to ask more from our feminism.
A Gender Equality Challenge to the Australian Jazz Scene
Adelaide SA, Australia
23 June 2017
"The root of the problem is that jazz has a long, proud history… and that history is sexist." Mallory is a female jazz trombonist out to break up the boys' club.
Ravi's Hell: Part 3
Melbourne VIC, Australia
21 June 2017
Ravi launched his poetry anthology 'From Hell to Hell' and continues to speak out on behalf of those who remain in detention.
Quote me, baby!
Sydney NSW, Australia
21 June 2017
Changing from a bank to a credit union with your long-term partner should be an easy exercise, right? Kelly reveals how often LGBTQIA+ people are still confronted with insidious forms of homophobia.
Zines! How to Make a Revolutionary Piece of Literature on the Cheap
Sydney NSW, Australia
17 June 2017
Learn how to make a (revolutionary) zine on the cheap with zine-maker extraordinaire Joel.
#WeLiveHere2017: Fighting for the Towers One Post at a Time
Waterloo NSW, Australia
16 June 2017
"The government needs to play a really strong role in making sure gentrification doesn't destroy neighbourhoods." Keegan interviews documentary photographer Tom Payne on his work for the #WeLiveHere2017 campaign, a social action project that celebrates Waterloo.
First Nations' Grief in a One Woman Play
Redfern NSW, Australia
16 June 2017
"I think one of the biggest struggles we face as Indigenous artists is that we consistently have to break down stereotypes." Chenoa Deemal performs in a contemporary revamp of The Seven Stages of Grieving across the country.
A Violent Solution To The Housing Crisis
Newtown NSW, Australia
16 June 2017
Housing affordability on your mind? Filmmaker Laurence Rosier Staines' 2016 mockumentary Real Estate might just have a solution.
Penrith NSW, Australia
15 June 2017
Penrith is the second highest in NSW for reported domestic violence and child sexual abuse. Hear from tour de force Michelle Ellery on her work with Penrith-based charity The Queen of Hearts Foundation.
Empty The Tanks: A Movement To End Marine Mammal Captivity
Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia
15 June 2017
Empty The Tanks is a worldwide anti-captivity event that provides a peaceful platform for activists to speak out against an industry that exploits captive dolphins and whales. Monique exposes the cruel tradition that propelled Empty The Tanks' founder, Rachel Carbary, into activism.
Is This Real Life Project
Sydney NSW, Australia
15 June 2017
Using photography and written word, Aimee explores how resisting socially sanctioned understandings of normalcy, beauty and female pleasure inspired her collaborative photography community the Is This Real Life Project.
Open House: Inside Australia's Refugee Movement
Canberra ACT, Australia
14 June 2017
"I took my seat and in silence posed a question to myself and the mainly white room. Are we going to listen?" Our editor Alexandra Havas attended The Australian Refugee Action Network (ARAN) Inaugural Conference in Canberra from May 20th to May 21st.

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