What is sexual racism?
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SBS's Date My Race presenter Santilla Chingaipe and academic Senthorun Raj spell out exactly what sexual racism is.

What is sexual racism?

by Joanna Cabot See Profile
Waterloo NSW, Australia
20th Dec 2017
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What is sexual racism?

"Would you go to a club with a t-shirt that said ’No Asians’ on it? If your answer to that is 'no', then why do you think you should have it on a profile which exists in an online community?"

SBS's Date My Race presenter Santilla Chingaipe and academic Senthorun Raj spell out exactly what sexual racism is.

Filmed by Joanna Cabot.

Joanna Cabot

About Joanna Cabot

Joanna Cabot is a video journalist for The QUO, and a radio reporter at SBS French and 2SER. Before entering into the world of journalism, Joanna was working in the fashion industry in Paris. After travelling for two years, she felt that sharing people's untold stories was her passion and studied a Master of Journalism at UTS. Joanna's curiosity and friendly personality lead her to reveal stories that matter.

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Minority Voices
Waterloo NSW, Australia
20th December 2017