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Devana Senanayake

Devana Senanayake is a multimedia journalist and radio producer based in Melbourne, Victoria.

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About Devana Senanayake

Devana Senanayake is currently based in Melbourne, Victoria. She is a multimedia journalist and radio producer. She focuses on race, gender, colonisation, diasporas and food.

She has been featured on SBS, Meanjin, Why Not, Ascension Magazine and Writers Magazine.

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Rafeif Ismail captures the cross-cultural experience through fiction

Minority Voices
11th July 2018
This Greens Senate candidate and accomplished writer unpacks the complexities of her identity as an Australian of Sudanese descent.
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Using faith to find stillness and belonging in the Lebanese diaspora: A feature on Shireen Taweel

Migration & Displacement
1st June 2018
Shireen Taweel is a Lebanese-Australian artist inspired by cross-cultural interactions and her identity as a Muslim woman.
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The life and trials of a travelling poet

Minority Voices
10th May 2018
Rochelle D’Silva is a free-spirited travelling poet who explores her feelings of displacement through the written word.
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Devana Senanayake

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