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Alannah Maher

Alannah is an insatiably inquisitive writer with a passion for delving into stories about the human experience.

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About Alannah Maher

Alannah is an insatiably inquisitive writer with a passion for delving into stories about the human experience, gender, sexuality, creativity, and all the fun, gritty stuff. She is especially passionate about steering ‘cringe’ away from ‘culture’ by communicating about the arts in a fun, accessible manner. 

She is experienced across the gambit of the journalism and communications industries, yet always manages to circle back to her true love of writing and storytelling.

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The Sydney Story Factory teaches marginalised youth the art of storytelling

Minority Voices
6th July 2018
The Sydney Story factory empowers marginalised young people to tell their own stories.
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Read the Vibe: the fight to keep Newtown weird, safe and unapologetically queer

27th April 2018
Meet the local organisations trying to keep the Newtown vibe alive.
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All We Can't See: Humanising the untold stories of Nauru

Migration & Displacement
1st February 2018
A rousing Australian-first exhibition that gives the public a glimpse of life at Australia's elusive offshore detention centre on Nauru.
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We're all going to die and it's going to be fine

Identity, Health Care
1st December 2017
Stefan Hunt explains how the rather morbid realisation that we're all going to die can help us live our best life.
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100 Pictures, 100 Stories: The unanticipated joy of embracing creativity

All Topics
21st November 2017
Artist and producer Deb Morgan and photographer Chrissie Hall celebrate the simple joy of creativity in 100 Pictures, 100 Stories.
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Skeletons and Self-Portraits: Emily Dash challenges representations of gender and disability

Technology for Purpose, Identity
23rd August 2017
Creative and disability advocate Emily Dash tackles the themes of identity and public perception in PACT Salon 2: Skeletons and Self-Portraits
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Alannah Maher

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