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Abby Callard

Abby Callard is an American writer based in Sydney.

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About Abby Callard

Abby Callard is an American writer based in Sydney. She has lived and written in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Spain, and India. She’s particularly interested in analysing the food system through a social justice lens and initiatives that make technology easier to access.

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Salmon wrapped in...wool?

Our Environment
13th June 2018
Woolcool uses waste wool to create 100% renewable packaging that outperforms polystyrene.
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Addressing social isolation with community yoga

Health Care
4th May 2018
Lovesweats addresses social isolation through free yoga classes for vulnerable populations.
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Brewing eco-friendly mushrooms from leftover coffee beans

Our Environment
26th April 2018
Life Cykel grows gourmet, eco-friendly mushrooms from waste coffee grounds.
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Minerva uses data science to increase social impact

Technology for Purpose
1st March 2018
Minerva brings together volunteer data scientists and Australian not for profit organisations to work on problems using the power of data.
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Community gardening as therapy with Street Growth

Our Environment
29th November 2017
Street Growth improves the lives of homeless and disadvantaged people through horticultural therapy.
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Abby Callard

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