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Divya Venkataraman

Divya Venkataraman is a final-year Arts/Law student at the University of New South Wales and writes on a freelance basis.

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About Divya Venkataraman

Divya Venkataraman is a final-year Arts/Law student at the University of New South Wales and writes on a freelance basis. She has been published in two short story anthologies and nominated for the Premier's Multicultural Media Award.

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Power To The People: Renewable energy and the councils doing it for themselves

Our Environment
3rd May 2018
The Cities Power Partnership (CPP) helps local councils set and reach their own targets for transitioning to renewable power.
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Justice, but not as we know it

Power & Policy
5th January 2018
Why not extend our love of Scandinavian minimalism to the minimal prison, the minimal curtailing of rights?
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State of insecurity

Power & Policy
29th August 2017
Divya examines the recent history of the LGBT+ legal reform in Australia, and its precarious future.
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A Fast Track to Failure

Migration & Displacement
21st July 2017
In an interview with the Executive Director of the Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS), Tanya Jackson-Vaughan, Divya exposes the Australian Government's First Track application scheme and its dire impact on the lives of some of Australia's newest arrivals.
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11 Candles in Jail

First Nations, Power & Policy
21st July 2017
Divya questions the viability of a youth justice system that criminalises children from a disturbingly young age, and seems to have lost sight of its purpose.
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The brand everyone's wearing

Empowered Womxn, Identity
10th July 2017
Divya on why we need to ask more from our feminism.
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The Pro-life Feminist: A contradiction in terms?

16th May 2017
Divya explains why she considers a pro-life stance incompatible with modern feminism.
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