The QUO - Power & Policy
Lest We Forget the women who served
24 April 2018
Idalia QLD, Australia
The Women’s Veterans Network (WVN) works to support all current and former servicewomen during and after their time in the defence forces.
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Waters skills are a universal life saver
10 April 2018
Sydney NSW, Australia
Water Skills For Life empowers migrants and refugees of all ages by teaching them how to swim.
Why the Criminal Justice System is Failing Incarcerated Women
27 March 2018
Women's Justice Network WJN (Formerly WIPAN), Sussex Street, Sydney NSW, Australia
With more women entering prison than ever before, reforming the criminal justice system needs to become a priority.
Keeping the bastards honest: Why every university campus needs a Women’s Collective
13 February 2018
The University of Sydney, Camperdown NSW, Australia
Grassroots organisations must work twice as hard to protect students and keep universities accountable during a sexual assault crisis.
Norfolk Island's fight for democracy
06 February 2018
In 2015, the federal government revoked its legislative council, stripping Norfolk island of any pretence of self-determination.
Australia, still so white
24 January 2018
Surry Hills NSW, Australia
Media personality Yassmin Abdel-Magied and co-founder of Media Diversity Australia Antoniette Latouff on why media representation matters.
Changing the space of gender inequality
15 January 2018
Monash University, Clayton Campus, Scenic Boulevard, Clayton VIC, Australia
Sexual harassment towards female-identifying people has been at the forefront of media debate in recent months.
Justice, but not as we know it
05 January 2018
Women's Justice Network WJN (Formerly WIPAN), Sussex Street, Sydney NSW, Australia
Why not extend our love of Scandinavian minimalism to the minimal prison, the minimal curtailing of rights?
What is sexual racism?
20 December 2017
Waterloo NSW, Australia
SBS's Date My Race presenter Santilla Chingaipe and academic Senthorun Raj spell out exactly what sexual racism is.
Sex workers face financial discrimination
19 December 2017
Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association, Erskineville Road, Newtown NSW, Australia
Sex workers face stigma and discrimination on multiple levels, and one of the most insidious incarnations is financial discrimination.
Nolites te bastardes carborundorum
18 December 2017
Sydney NSW, Australia
How can we most effectively increase the representation of women on and behind the screen?

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