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Breaking the stigma of mental health through creativity
21 July 2017
The Bumblefly Effect is an intersectional collective of creatives committed to breaking the stigma around mental health.
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Hands Up or Hands Out?
21 July 2017
Are there actually benefits of Westerners volunteering in developing countries, or are they just damaging to the local community?
11 Candles in Jail
21 July 2017
Divya questions the viability of a youth justice system that criminalises children from a disturbingly young age, and seems to have lost sight of its purpose.
21 July 2017
Liv Steigrad has graduated from voyeur of social boundaries to outright agent provocateur in romance and proxemics. In this poem, she explores her sexual fluidity and demands space at the queer table.
Practically Vegan
21 July 2017
Does a label define us, or does it confine us? Mallory reveals why she no longer considers herself a vegan, and has instead becoming the curator of her own (animal product-free) consumption.
Over The Wall: The Power of Fictional Activism
21 July 2017
At a time when George Orwell's 1984 is more popular than ever, writer Mat Blackwell explores how writing fiction can become an effective form of activism in itself.
Lives In Limbo: The Impact Of The 457 Visa Changes
14 July 2017
“Why did I want to be here for two years, to pay taxes, to work, to put all my effort here? We’re bringing kids, we’re living our life, and then we need to leave. To go where? And start what?” Joanna investigates the human impact of the recent changes to the 457 visa.
Putting On My Best Face
13 July 2017
Yen-Rong delves into her lived experience of anxiety and depression, touching upon how the continued stigma towards medicating mental illness and the whitewashing of mental health have affected her.
The Pro-life Feminist: A contradiction in terms?
11 July 2017
Divya explains why she considers a pro-life stance incompatible with modern feminism.
The brand everyone's wearing
10 July 2017
Divya on why we need to ask more from our feminism.
A Gender Equality Challenge to the Australian Jazz Scene
23 June 2017
"The root of the problem is that jazz has a long, proud history… and that history is sexist." Mallory is a female jazz trombonist out to break up the boys' club.

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