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We are building a list of organisations and initiatives that are already pushing for change. Check them out, and see if you can join forces. If you are part of an existing organisation or initiative, and wish to be added to our directory, please contact


Addison Road Community Centre (ARCCO)

Encompassing 9 acres and over 40 buildings, the ARCCO centre is a hub of culture, diversity and sustainability. ARCCO provides affordable spaces to NGOs, artists and community organisations, as well as spearheading community development programs in arts, culture, environment and social justice.

Addison Road Street Food Markets.

Street, food, art, and music under the stars at the Addison Road Community Centre. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Addison Road Street Food Markets is a partner project of the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation & STARTTS.

Asylum Seekers Centre

The Asylum Seekers Centre provides practical and personal support for people seeking asylum living in the community. Our services include casework, accommodation, financial relief, health care and counselling, employment assistance, education, advocacy, food and recreational activities.


Babes Against Detention (B.A.D.)

It’s simple. They’re Babes Against Detention. From badges to tote bags, their products stand against the incarceration and inhumane treatment of asylum seekers. 100% of their profits go to The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.


Can Too

The Can Too Foundation is a Health Promotion Foundation that transforms lives through fun, fitness, friends and fundraising. Beginners and experienced people alike are given professional coaching as part of a team to run or swim and bike in events – including marathon, half marathon 10km and 7/14km relay runs; as well as ocean swims and triathlons in NSW, VIC and Qld. In return, participants raise valuable funds that go towards funding brilliant, innovative cancer researchers in research institutions across Australia.

Carnival of the Bold

Carnival of the Bold is a movement of social change through the arts. It’s a coming together of artists and other leaders who drive important issues of our time – to create deeper engagement around social causes. From issues in sustainability, poverty, justice, peace, human rights, equality, education, well-being, Carnival of the Bold aims to inspire and awaken greater public consciousness. It is interdisciplinary and inclusive of all artists – theatre, music, film, street performance, visual arts, you name it. First and foremost a spirit or philosophy that the arts can be a powerful enabling force for social change, it calls on artists to take leadership. And it calls on the world to participate. Taking shape through socially themed arts events, exhibitions, forums, films and visual arts, they aspire to bring social issues into the mainstream agenda, raise public consciousness and shine new light on what it means to live with greater humanity.


Digital Storytellers

Digital Storytellers is a purpose-driven film-making agency. They craft impactful stories with positive narratives to make a difference in the world. Their mission is to help create a better narrative for the world, through telling stories that matter, and sharing knowledge and resources to empower a wider community of storytellers.
Let’s change the world together, using the power of storytelling.


Folk Magazine

Where art, culture, comedy and a splash of personality collide. Read, follow and support the wide range of talented People Of Colour who are sharing their stories.



An independent movement to build a progressive Australia and bring participation back into our democracy.

Grandmas Against Removal

Gunnedah grandmothers fight against the removal of Indigenous kids. The group Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) was formed in January 2014 in an effort to highlight the process of removal used by the New South Wales Department of Children’s Services.


GreenUps is an informal monthly drinks night that helps support the creative, inspired and lively community of people who are already immersed or curious about sustainability.


March Australia

Australians united for a better government. March Australia organises non-partisan peaceful citizens’ marches and rallies around Australia to protest government decisions that are against the common good of our nation.


National Justice Project

The National Justice Project (NJP) is a law firm whose mission is to promote social justice, liberty, accountability and equality for all people. They have a particular focus on Indigenous Australians and advocate for the development of laws, administrative practices and a legal justice system which are fair, just and equitable.



For all the surfers, sufferers and survivors, OneWave is a non-profit surf community tackling mental health issues with a simple recipe: saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro.


People Just Like Us

People Just Like Us uses stories of refugees' lives, experiences and journeys to convey to the general public that asylum seekers and refugees are just people; people seeking safety and refuge; people just like us.

Proudly Pokies Free

Proudly Pokies Free is all about reducing the harm caused by the pokies in Australia. The pokies have been a fixture of our venues for far too long, and it's well beyond time for a change.


Scarlet Alliance

Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association, through our objectives, policies and programs, aims to achieve equality, social, legal, political, cultural and economic justice for past and present workers in the sex industry, in order for sex workers to be self-determining agents, building their own alliances and choosing where and how they work.

Sexual Violence Won’t Be Silenced

Sexual Violence Won't Be Silenced is a Sydney based advocacy group that combats gendered and sexual harassment online.


SWEATSHOP is a literacy movement based in Western Sydney which is devoted to empowering groups and individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds through training and employment in creative and critical writing initiatives.


STARTTS (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors) is a specialist, non-profit organisation that for more than 25 years has provided culturally appropriate and cutting edge psychological treatment and support to help people heal the scars of torture and refugee trauma and rebuild their lives in Australia.


The indigo project

The indigo project is a boutique psychology and Mindfulness studio based in Surry Hills, Sydney. They adopt the latest scientific knowledge to create offerings that improve the overactive modern mind, and infuse it with a contemporary perspective so that their teachings are relatable and real.

The Moth, Sydney

The Moth's mission is to promote the art and craft of storytelling and to honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience.

The Redfern Foundation

The Redfern Foundation promotes the creation of an Aboriginal community that is healthy, self-supporting and a source of hope, pride and leadership both to its own members and for the wider Australian community – both indigenous and non-indigenous.

The Bumblefly Effect

The Bumblefly Effect is an inclusive and intersectional platform where creatives from around the globe are invited to share their life’s work & story with the intention of breaking the stigma that surrounds mental illness. The goal is to provide a bigger space for creatives, those who struggle with their mental health, and all marginalized groups to be represented and feel fulfilled in our society.

The Rough Period

The Rough Period is a Sydney-based grassroots initiative with a simple objective of providing women sleeping rough in Sydney with safe and clean sanitary items.

Transcend Support

Transcend is the first parent led peer support network and information hub for transgender children and their families in Australia.

The Sydney Feminists

The Sydney Feminists is a not-for-profit organisation that specializes in media education. Founded in 2012, they have been freely screening a wide range of feminist documentaries at public venues and in schools and colleges across Sydney. Apart from screenings, they also deliver workshops and talks about various feminist topics. They are primarily based in the Inner West and their most common public events are held in Newtown and Marrickville.



#WeLiveHere2017 began with the belief that putting a human face to public housing is vital to encourage compassion, action, and resistance to the rapid urban change in Waterloo, Sydney.


Yabun Festival

First held at Redfern Park in 2003, Yabun Festival continues in the tradition of Aboriginal ‘Survival Day’ gatherings. These gatherings, held to coincide with Australia Day, have occurred throughout the country since as early as the 1930s, and seek to commemorate, bring attention to, and celebrate the survival of Australia’s Indigenous cultures in the face of European invasion.


Zeitgeist Label

Zeitgeist the label was conceived as a challenge to the "spirit of the age", endeavouring to reform our contemporary culture towards a more sustainable model of fashion for the environment and economy. They source their collections through careful selection of garments from second hand stores, re-fashioning them into new items and changing the way we envisage second hand clothes, as well as enlightening us to the wasteful nature of fast-fashion.



The initials 2RPH stand for To Radio for the Print Handicapped of NSW. 2RPH a special purpose radio station providing a radio reading service for people who cannot see, handle or understand printed material.

89.7 Eastside FM

Eastside Radio is the community station for the City of Sydney and Eastern Suburbs. Having been on air for over 30 years the station is an established cultural icon with a loyal following of listeners.