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The QUO connects individuals and organisations, shares lived experiences and uses the collective power of community and empathy to challenge the status quo.

Our Story

This tale begins with two disparate efforts of resistance connecting. Sasha loved to critique the social, political and economic system that governed her nine to five. From trans rights and feminism, to the dreaded lockout laws and back again, Ally was energised by ideas but frustrated by the prospect of how to effectively express them.

In a marketplace where radical thought is considered divisive, volunteering is becoming a competitive sport. Where purpose-driven organisations are overshadowed by businesses who overlook the complexities of the problems we face now and in the future, being meaningfully heard is not quite as simple as it seems. Feeling silenced by the structures that privilege social and academic capital over personal experience, they sought to uproot the deep-seated apathy affecting many young people and from which they themselves were not immune. The status quo focuses on the problems, but rarely seeks solutions.

The QUO was born with the recognition that we need an alternative online platform that values a positive outlook, nurtures bold ideas and propels direct action initiatives. We need an aggregator that shares individuals’ lived experiences and encourages the active development of empathy and community. Creativity, critical dialogue and collaboration should be valued above competing. We wanted to create a digital safe space built upon mutual respect. Here, non-conforming organisations and individuals connect, sidelined stories are heard and any respectful idea is given the opportunity to gestate into an action.

Our Mission

The QUO’s aims are twofold:

1. 1. To connect people with geographically-proximate, socially-aware organisations and the issues they promote. By encouraging community members to connect with not-for-profit organisations, grassroots movements and social enterprises whose missions and goals align with their own, we empower all parties to become personally and collectively accountable for changing the things they are no long willing to accept. At the moment, many organisations are left silenced in a sphere dominated by the largest and loudest voices. The QUO allows them to break this silence, find each other, and work together.

2. Channelling empathy, learning and action by honouring the lived experiences of contributors and publishing their personal accounts. A direct challenge to apathy and disengagement, we empower community members to personally engage with contemporary issues that resonate with them. Shared storytelling has the power to inspire change in a way that facts and figures alone cannot.

Our Governance


The QUO is autonomous. We will never subject our community or their ideas to the implicit hierarchies imprinted into the fabric of our society. We value lived experience and imagination just as much as professional experience and tertiary qualifications.


The QUO actively reaches out to individuals at the intersections of racism, sexism, sexual identity-related discrimination, geographical isolation, ageism, classism and ableism. We believe these voices need to be heard.


The QUO recognises that meaningful change requires an acknowledgement of both our personal and collective responsibility. We encourage the birth, organisation and active engagement of community groups, individual change-makers and the broader public so that they may become pioneers of change.

Our Organisation

Above all, The QUO is a social enterprise. However, we are also a private company. We chose this type of organisational structure to ensure that we have as greater chance as possible to become self-sustaining.

The QUO will inject revenue directly back into our QUOmmunity to recognise the labour of our contributors and employees, and to curate stellar content onto our website. In the process, we hope to subvert the notion that only not-for-profit organisations can catalyse meaningful change.

Our Team

We are a group curious individuals collaborating to realise shared goals.


Founding Director

Sasha is the founding mother of The QUO. She noticed how many not-for-profits have difficulty becoming financially self-sufficient, and how a reliance on external or government funding can compromise how effective these organisations are. Sasha is out to show that not-for-profit models are not always required to maximise social impact and catalyse meaningful change.


Editorial Director

For Alexandra, the heart of The QUO is the combined potential of community, intersectionality and collective dissent. She is intent on creating a platform where QUOmmunity members can lean in, share their perspectives and feel heard and respected.



For Michael, The QUO is a necessary digital disruptor. He wants to set a strong precedent by telling familiar stories in a way that excites the interest and engagement of a broader spectrum of people.



Martin is passionate about the aggregator nature of The QUO. He recognises that bringing disparate elements together in one online space, things that have never co-habited before, is a powerful tool. Using his savvy for drawing inspiration from all facets of design, he is working towards making this information as captivating as can be.



Keegan is an avid storyteller and global gallivanter whose likes include fresh bed sheets, Star Wars films and Jamie Oliver cookbooks. After graduating university in 2016, Keegan secured himself a job as journalist and assistant editor at Nepean News and Western News, two newspapers in western Sydney. He has come to The QUO armed with a quest to learn more about what makes people tick in an increasingly pessimistic modern world.



Joanna believes that unlike many media platforms, The QUO explores alternative ideas and creates a safe space where each story has its unique identity. She values respecting the autonomy of communities and organisations. Through her video work, she exposes the sidelined stories of Sydneysiders, and hopes to inspire the engagement of future change-makers.


Business Development

Natalie believes in telling stories that centre upon the lived experiences of those at the heart of the issues. She was drawn to The QUO because she, like many others, want to see a new direction for the future of journalism and storytelling as a whole. Authenticity and boldness are often missing from mainstream media outlets, that are owned and dominated by the same voices. Natalie thinks The QUO recognises the responsibility and power of curating media in a way that challenges conventionality.


We invite you in. Connect with us,resist with us